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Towed by a HEMI powered shoebox... or is it???

I've always liked these Chevy Fleetmasters too.

I'd put some less "Street Machine" inspired wheels and tyres on it, but hey, it ain't my car.

Did we already see this car?

It's happening again. I can't remember what I've seen and what I've done!

I think it's called C.R.A.F.T. Can't Remember A Flipping(?) Thing!

The "Pasadena Pickup". This is an absolutely gorgeous pickup and has won quite a few show awards.

This here pickup belongs to Norm Hardinge of Aussie Desert Cooler fame.

It was meant to be a shop truck but it turned out WAY too nice, so I think he still drives his shitty old ute around for work.

A '51 F Truck and some guy that wouldn't get out of the way, so I just took the photo anyway.

Some people just don't get it!

The plate says "BITZAH", which means it's made out of bits a' this and bits a' that... you get the drift.

Here's that neat Merc going for a cruise.

I asked the owner and yes it will be painted. It will be painted to match the dash, but I can't remember what colour it was. I think a dark purple... or maybe a dark green. I can't remember, but I remember thinking it would look nice.

Although this is tubbed and has HUGE rear tyres, I still really like it.

The whitewalls just finish this roadster pickup off nicely.

This Stude pickup is actually powered by a Lexus V8 and the rear fenders are Ford units.

Here you go Alby, you'll like this one.

ESPECIALLY when you see the engine!

This big ol' tank probably gets up and boogies!

Probably one of my favourite cars of the Nats.

It just has everything in all the right places. Great wheel/tyre combo, great engine and that can't go wrong black and red colour combination.

Did I say great engine???