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This badass piece of work belongs to Joe Rodriguez.

I don't think he drove it all the way down there though as he told me once that... "After driving that car for an hour you're deaf, dumb and stupid!"

Another one of my favourite cars, Paul's Olds Rocket 88.

Another factory custom.

Interesting scallop treatment on this '32 roadster.

I don't think I would ever have the patience to do that.

This was a cool car. Once again, not much done to it, a bit of lowering, lakes pipes and the best bit, the factory frenches the headlights for you.

That's Chopper stopping to say hello to some friends.

It's hard to tell in this photo, but that's actually a trailer full of people being towed by the T-bucket.

Here's that '34 3 window cruising past.

This was a real interesting car. So interesting it even made Don stop for a longer look.

It's a '29 Dodge 4 door sedan that has been chopped around 3". The chassis was built by Stewie Campbell. Nice job getting it to sit so right mate.

Here's the other end of it.

Just clean and simple all round.

What did separate this car a little from the other black sedans was the interior. It was actually finished off in a dark green colour. Very nice indeed.

Speaking of Stewie Campbell, here's his '51 Pontiac. Pretty cool for a 4 door family wagon.

Remember right at the start I told you about the 3 guys that have been to every Nats, well this is one of the others.

That's him driving, but that's not the car he's brought to every Nats. This one he just built for a bit of drag racing fun... 11 seconds at a time!

This is the car that Leo has brought to every Nationals since 1973.

I don't think it's changed much at all, except for the wheels. They look decidedly 80's to me.

I don't know who Ron is, but he sure as hell builds a nice truck.

I hear it runs Jag suspension front and rear and it is NOT on air bags. That is how low he drives it.

Good work Ron.

This "Street Rod" had all of the mod cons...

...including Vintage Air.

Damn Goldchainers, they're everywhere!