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This neat little channelled coupe was called "The Wild One". Rather fitting really as in it's day, it sure would have been a wild sight, well actually, it's pretty wild right now.

The trim was very nicely done in a diamond stitched pattern. A bit of a departure from the usual T&R job.

Just as traditional, but with slightly more visual appeal I think.

You've probably seen this car on here before also, but it's just such a nice roadster that I can't help myself.

Built and owned by Alan Fountain, this is one of the nicest and LOWEST Deuce roadsters you're ever likely to see.

As the plates say... FN LO 32.

Now this is a cool looking F truck. Everything on this truck is done just right. The custom front end, the stance, the super cool scallop job.

Absolutely wild. It was for sale too. I think I need a pickup.

Of course, the trim in the truck is cool too. White Tuck & Roll with metallic vinyl panels done in a grape colour to match the scallops.

Like I said... too cool!

Now this is a cool looking C-dan. Great flames, great stance, cool wheels and a neat nerf bar on the front to finish it off.

Them South Australians can sure build some nice cars.

Now in case you're wondering why this looks a little "different" to your usual '33 or '34 Sedan, it's because it's NOT.

It's actually a '35 truck that has had longer doors attached and the complete rear section fabricated.

Amazing job.

You just can't go past a '40 Coupe, well I can't anyway. Lower it, paint the wheels, some whitewalls and you're done.
This crazy looking coupe was originally built by Choco Munday. Choco sold it at the last Nats to a young guy called Damon who has taken it back to one of it's old stamping grounds, Adelaide.
The car is much the same as when Choco built it, except for the addition of the '34 grille and a change of wheels.
Damon has also lowered it a bit at the rear apparently. Obviously he felt that with the 8" roof chop and the 14" channel, the car just wasn't low enough!

Just a neat old Tudor with a bit of a haircut and some wire wheels.

Sometimes the simple things are often the best.

I liked the simplicity of this '34 Pickup. Subtle colour and wheel combination work for me.

This thing just didn't stop cruising the whole weekend. Quite often there were people in the back too.

Call me superstitious, but while my ass is still pointing downwards, I don't fancy riding around in any hearses.

On the door is lettered "Blue Peril", not sure what the relevance is. Shouldn't it be Yellow?