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I had to look at this for quite a while before I realised it was a Chev. Nice low stance and a bunch of carbs on the engine are alright with me.

I wonder if he put a Ford motor in it?

This great looking Deuce roadster is obviously a member of the Spades Club judging by the number plate.

They sure had some nice cars there. No wonder there's a waiting list to join the club.

I know you all just want to get a closer look at that engine. Sure is a sweet looking flatty with all the right bits on it.
Here's a close up of that blown Y-Block that is in the channelled roadster from the Spades club. If you don't recall which one it is, it's the very first photo in this series.

Here's Corey Swift's neat '32 roadster. That's a genuine frame under that baby and it's easy to tell because of all the rust pitting and holes.

Too Cool!

A bit of a closer look at the mighty DONK!

Straight after the Nats, Corey pulled the car apart to replace the '39 box with a 5 speed and the early diff with a Cusso unit.

He wants to DRIVE this sucker!

And while we're at it we might as well check out the office. Nice and simple. Banjo wheel, curved glass SW gauges and a bit of T&R on the seat.

By the look of it, some larrikin graffiti artist has tagged his dash. Looks like it says "Tex Smith" or something...

Hiding behind the old black POS are Les Smith and Roy Fregon. Two of the hardest working guys in Hot Rodding. Les is the driving force behind the WA Hot Rod Show and Roy has been doing the Victorian Hot Rod Show for longer than anyone cares to remember!
Chopped and two doored FX Holden that cruised in with the Confederates Club. It's also got SBC power.
Now this is a Shop Truck! Looks like the boys at Hot Rod Trim know how to cruise in style.
Nice and clean '34 roadster. Some wires, whitewalls and some lakes headers set this one off nicely. Now where did I leave that allen key???
I love this panel delivery. Love the colours, love the stance, love the clever mural on the side, just love it.

Looks like the HEMI had enough of cruising, so they parked it.


Now this thing is just plain bad ass. Slammed at the front and chopped at the top, cool suede paint and a Fairlane dashboard make this old F-truck really stand out.