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Of course, if you want a bit of comfort in your race car, get one with a roof.

Imagine hauling one of these things sideways on a dirt track! YEAH!

Not too sure about those wheels, looks like they're taking things a little too serious.

The rest of it is pretty cool though... and shiny. I don't think it's raced yet or he's a really good driver and no one gets near him.

Ah yes, the '39 Ford. Not just good for taillights. You just can't stuff one of these up.

A set of wheels and drop it, you're done!

Well maybe some black paint and flames and this one would be finished.

Here's Corey Swift in a pensive mood watching the world go by from his POWER PARKING spot.

Where's your deck chair mate?

And here's Corey's Dad, Peter in his little Hot Rod.

Uh-Oh! Looks like they let the riff-raff in.

That's me trying out the T for size with Swifty Sr looking on with interest.

Check out the knees.

Here's a nice clean '30 roadster, proving once again you can't go wrong with black and red.

The flathead looks like it's got all the good shiny bits too.

Here's a sinister looking 3 window parked around the back.

Sigh... Drool...

Now here's a lineup of living legends.

On the far left is the guy that carried Steve Coonan's film around, some guy I don't know, the one, the only, the legendary Steve Coonan... and me.

Do you think I overdid it on the hero worship thing?

Here's that '33 again. This light shows the colour of a lot better than the other pic.

Well... that's it for Saturday, so what better thing to do than sink a few beers with your mates.

Well none of my mates were around, so I got stuck with Don Dillard.

Sure is hard work this Nationals gig. Eh Don? Don? Wake up Don...


Sunday morning back at the caravan park. I stagger out of the abode and this is the first thing I see. Excellent!

This little terror is Shawies Grandson. Sorry, I didn't get his name. I don't think he talks yet.

Do you reckon he'll be a Hot Rodder?