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Now this is what a drag car should look like! I spoke to the owner briefly and of course asked him... "So what'll she do in the quarter mate?"

He said it had run a low 11. Not too shabby, I must say.

A smooth blue '34 3 window.

I must've like this car, because I took 3 or 4 shots of it without realising it.

Although this isn't a really traditional car I REALLY liked it. With the 10 spokes up front and the Halibrand style "Salt Flat Specials" on the back, topped off with the Moon tank, this roadster somehow bridged the modern and traditional styles. And it worked.

The most amazing thing is that the owner is probably in his early twenties and built most of the car himself. His Dad does own a Hot Rod shop though.

I'm not sure what was wrong with this roadster mechanically, but I can tell you there was nothing wrong with it stylistically.

Set on a '32 frame with an early 'Vette mill, a Muncie Rockcrusher box and a Halibrand quickchange all rolling on Kelsey Hayes wires, this thing was PERFECT.

It was for sale too, but it was a little out of my price range at $57,000. Ouch.

Well it looks like they got it all sorted out.

Everything about this car is spot on and the most amazing thing about it is that it has been on the road for over 20 years.

Rumour has it that it was kept in an airconditioned room by the original owner.

Here's Damon cruising around the camping area. Looks like they're having fun.
Something you don't see too often, a Chevy roadster pickup with a warmed over 6.
It's a Holden 6 with a Speco triple carb manifold and finned rocker cover.

Another clean and simple roadster, this time a '32.

The cast finish D-spokes really suit the look of this car.

A neat 3 window with a fair bit of engine stuffed in the front.

This is a rare car in the US, so imagine it's probably the only one in Australia.

It's a '53 Packard Carribean (I think?) and is a very nice car. So nice in fact, that head Goodguy, Gary Meadors couldn't stop talking about it.

We had to tell him he couldn't take it back to the US because we're still building the freeway.

Another real Aussie Hot Rod. It seems everyone back in the 60's built a channelled and hiboyed '34 Coupe with a '32 grille.

Kinda cool in a funky sort of way.

Flat black '32 roadster anyone?

I'll take two. It doesn't get much simpler or more traditional than this.

I could swear that this was Les Moran's old car, but I asked the owner and he said it wasn't.

This was an interesting combination. A lavender frame with a gloss black body.