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Somewhere in this pile of photos is a car to go with this engine. I'm sure I'll find it sooner or later.

Lots of carbies is good.

The So-Cool roadster. Get it?

Here's that goofball Carps again showing us how big his... Nah, he's just being his usual self.

Here's the '56 without the eyesore.

Basically stock by the look of it, but the colour grabbed me. You don't often see them done in a such a bright solid colour.

And of course, there had to be a Rambler there. I knew if there was one I would find it.

This is just neat '69 Rebel driver powered by a 343, the big brother of the engine in my car.

He's also working on a '64 American convertible.

Here's a moment in history taking place. Shaking hands are Don Dillard and Gary Meadors. Gary Meadors is the head of Goodguys in the US, Don is just a great car guy that cruises everywhere in his '30 Coupe, usually with Carps in tow.

Looking on is Skip Readio. Skip is well known to most Aussie Hot Rodders as he comes down for every Nationals. He's also pretty handy when it comes to Hemis and wiring your car.

A bit of a panorama of the showground Saturday around lunchtime.

Here's that great '32 roadster again. I really liked this car, but then who wouldn't!

Another '34 Coupe. They sure were popular. This one's big on the Red & White theme.

Maybe he's a Sydney Swans supporter?

Most of these cars were with the Spades Rod & Custom Club. More shots of their cars coming up.

Now I could say something about getting your kicks, but I won't.

Obviously this guy loves the "Mother Road" so much, he painted it on his car. Don't blame him, I've driven quite a few miles of it myself and there sure is something special about it.

Here's another really classy car, similar in vein to the '36 roadster a page or two ago.

Maybe it's the cream coloured wheels that do it, I don't know. Sure is nice.

These flames are NOT Photoshopped on the car, it just looks that way.

I've also covered this car in the Castlemaine coverage. Apparently the owner was inspired by the "Limefire" roadster.

Check out the "L" plates on the window. Wouldn't it be cool to learn to drive in a Hot Rod. My Mum had a Volvo!

I really liked this roadster too. The car is from Western Australia, but apparently the owner recently moved over from Geelong (where the Nats were held), took the car with him to Perth and completed it.

He then took it all the way back. I guess you've gotta go back and show off to all your mates.