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Here's a passenger's eye view from Swifty's T.

How cool does that big ol' Poly look hanging out the front there. It sounds pretty sweet too coming out of those pipes.

Thanks for the ride Pete.

The next couple of cars are owned by the same bloke. Now some of you might say that's not fair, why does he need two super cool Hot Rods, he can only drive one at a time.

Easy, you let your mates drive the other one. No problem!

About as 60's Rat Fink as you can get.

Metalflake wheel, eyeball shifter and heaps of angel hair (that you can't see in this pic, but trust me, it's there!).

Isn't that a sight to behold. This car runs and runs hard. Good to see.

Here it is from the back. It sure has got the look.

What a great looking ride.

And here's his other car. He uses this one when he doesn't feel like hauling stuff around.

Yeah right!



A slightly artistic shot of the motor.

Once again everybody...

Mmmmmm.... carbs....

Somewhere, on some roll of film, Steve Coonan has this exact same shot.

Don't you hate it when people come up to you and take the same photo as you???

Remember a while back I told you that this car had some real neat engineering.

Well check out the hidden disc brake job.

He's even used the original brake drum and machined the centre out of it. Very clever stuff.

Here's another shot of that classy looking '34. At least I took it from a different side to the last shot.

As I said, sensory overload. I couldn't remember what I'd taken snaps of!

I see this Tudor at quite a few Rod Runs and I always like it. I always take a pic of it too, so here it is again.

Let me know if you get sick of looking at '39/'40 coupes will ya?

As if. Like I keep saying, you just can't stuff one of these up.

So when are the flames going on?

Here's a nice '34 cruising on to the oval.

Very nice.

The world's lowest caravan!