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Now it says "CUSSO 1" on the plates, but we all know this ain't no ornery Cusso. It's the top of the wozza Crown Victoria.

Not much you need to do to these cars to get them looking cool, that's for sure.

Just another clean and simple Hiboy Coupe. Love that louvred deck lid.

Now here's a great line up of Hot Rod engines. In the front we've got a blown Y-Block, closely followed by a blown Flathead, then last but not least a blown SBC (I think?)

Great to see some balls going back into engines.

No, Damon didn't go and paint Choco's old car metalflake purple in the last couple of hours.

This is another chopped and channelled '36 Coupe. I thought only Choco was crazy enough to do this kind of thing!

This photo opp was just too good to pass up. Perfectly parked, these three super cool Hot Rods were photographed by EVERYONE!

This car has already been featured on my website on the Castlemaine Rods Reunion page.

Back then it had "331" painted on the door.

Very neat '30 or maybe '31 roadster.

...with a flathead mill... and she'll walk a Thunderbird like she's standin' still... Sorry.

Nicely detailed flatty with one small concession to drivability, an ALTERNATOR!

This is Tony Cassar's Deuce Coupe. These boys sure have that traditional thing down pat.
...and it's got a Nailhead mill and it will DEFINITELY walk a Thunderbird like she's standin' still!

A bird's eye view of the three cars all in a row.

Like I said, perfectly parked for a multitude of photo opportunities.

A very nice Deuce roadster which has recently had a lot of work done to the engine.

It now sports "Flatattack" heads and an EFI system. Very nice.

It's got all the mod cons, including a '40 dash. Love them dashboards.