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This sucker is bright. With that Magenta paint and that eye popping yellow on wheels, it's definitely sunglass time.

Another car that I really like the flames on.

It's good to see so many cars with flames and custom paint on them.

Back in Perth you hardly ever saw it. It's a real shame.

Here's a shot of that mucho carbed small block.

Don't know if they're all hooked up, but who really cares.

Another T roadster, this time on a later model frame. I think it's actually a Chevy frame.
I know you just want a closer look at that engine.

Did I already take a photo of this car??? I think I did.

By this stage of the game I was in sensory overload. I didn't know which cars I'd taken pics of, which cars I'd even looked at.

It was great!

This is the car that belongs to that engine a couple of pages back.

...and just for good measure, another shot of the engine.

Looks like another one of those Y-Block things.


Here's Charlie Ferraloro's T that came all the way from Perth. He didn't drive it all the way over, but he sure as hell drives it everywhere back in Perth.

Channelled '32 anyone?

That's Roy Fregon's on the left and the "T-Special" on the right.

It's a good look.

Here's a driver's eye view of the Peter Swift's T.

Check out all them gauges and the shifter knob shaped like a fist.

Here's Carps catching up with "Diesel" Dave Doggett.

Those guys never seemed to move too far away from that bar.

In case you're wondering... Rough As Hessian Undies...

And for those of you that don't know what hessian is, it's what they make potato sacks out of. Not real comfortable for underwear.

Another car that I've already shown on this site. Now sporting blackwall tyres which in my opinion look better.