Once again it's time for a bit of an update. I'm still going to use that same excuse that I'm flat out doing stuff for magazines, so I rarely find the time to update the website. I'm going to try and get more organised and put up some pics from events that I've been to over the last two or three years.

I must admit, digital cameras have made updating the website much more difficult, which doesn't seem to make sense. Problem is, I take so many bloody photos, it's more time consuming now than it ever was to upload and caption pics. Sure, I don't have to scan photos any more, but they've still got to be sorted (and all the crap/blurred/boring pics need to be deleted) and then they still have to be re-sized so it doesn't take a month of Sundays to view the website!

Some other news is that I'm going to be a dad for the second time, so if I didn't have time before, I don't know where I'll find it now! I can't wait though, we get so much enjoyment from watching Luka grow and learn, that the fun can only double... can't it?

Of course, this is a website about my car, and the many others I get to see on my travels. Those of you that pay attention to the little details may notice a new picture of 'The Rumbler' on the home page, and yes, it was taken at a car show.

I finally fixed up a few of those things that were bugging me about the car - carpet, trim, door panels - and the car was looking better than ever. I didn't win any trophies, although I was a shoe-in for 'Best Rambler' (i.e. only Rambler entered) but mysteriously that trophy appeared to go missing! Not sure what kind of outfit were running that show, but they'll be hearing from me!

Here's a link to many of my magazine stories.



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