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A good ol' Tank Fairlane Wagon. I've always like that lemon yellow and black colour combination, whether it's on a '56 Chev or a Ford, it's just cool.

Don't see them with Americans and wide whites too often. Looks pretty good I reckon.

Now this is one way to see the Nats. Not sure how bumpy the footage would be, but WHO CARES!

Now this has got to be the perfect roadster. It's been done a million times before, but it just looks so right. Maybe that's why so many people go the black with red wheels and red details on the flatty.


This car was pretty interesting. I don't know much about it, but had a fair bit of work done to it with the frenched headlights and custom grille. Looks like the screen is chopped a tad too.

I dig this flame job... must be that model kit thing again.

Another great stance, great wheels, great chop, great car. There were so many.

Don't you hate it when people park half in the shade and half out. Makes it real hard for us (alleged) photographers.

I just kinda dug on the flamejob. Model car thing again maybe???

Now I just Loooooove '36 Fords. Coupes or roadsters, but this one was something else.

Smooth and simple. Beautiful.

Craig Fountain's Buick has also graced these pages (pixels?) before, but it's so nice you just gotta get another pic of it.

It's SO much better in real life. One day I'll get the photo right, until then, I'll just have to keep practising.

Cool old modified has been around for quite a while apparently. All some people need is the bare essentials I guess.

This thing is a "Street Rod". You can tell by the air conditioning. It's probably got cruise control too!

Ha! Bitchin' (as the Yanks would say).

Now this is HAMMERED big time. Chopped Model As with sunvisors look so cool.

This guy didn't stop cruising either.

This car is also featured elsewhere on this site. Neville "Nifty" Haynes took his car all the way to Perth for the Hot Rod Show a few years back.

The car looks just as good now. For something different, it's got a 318 SBC (Small Block Chrysler) up front.

Here's Stewart Campbell's latest ride. Stewart bought it restored, so he fixed it up a bit.

It's got a Jag IFS, a souped up 235 Chev six and it rides real smooth.

Stewie's other car is the black and red scalloped '29 Dodge roadster.

And here's that warmed over Blue Flame. A bit of finned WAYNE gear and an O'Brien Truckers air cleaner covering a couple of carbs really set this motor off.

...and yes, Stewie is still seeing checkers in his sleep!