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I don't know what it was about this truck, but there's something that I really liked about it.

I think it's because that flame job looks like something out of an old model car kit. It looks great.

I thought I'd snap this as a bit of a comparison between chopped and unchopped Hot Rods.

The '32 on the left is owned by Dennis and is a beautifully built car.

The T Coupe on the right, I don't know anything about it.



This is quite a famous Hot Rod down here in Australia. The "California T" I seem to remember seeing on various ads for auto products.

It's a very well maintained Hot Rod which is always good to see.

Another '34 5 window coupe, but this time an unchannelled version. It's good to see that lots of carbies on an engine is making a comeback.

It's not too often you see a triple deuce setup on a Windsor.

Apparently this car is practically unchanged since the late 50's, early 60's also.

I believe it was a different colour originally though, possibly black.

Uh-Oh! Late model junk I hear you say. I'm just a bit of a sucker for racing stripes, but especially for EFI systems hanging out the bonnet of a car.

This is a very nice and original '34 Sedan. Apparently Carps almost got his greasy mitts on this one, but it got away.

Looks like it's been in good hands and has seen a few miles.

Possibly the world's ugliest Hot Rod, but don't worry, that's what the owner reckons!

It's got some pretty crazy metal flake action going on there.

Now this thing looks a LOT better in the photo than it did in real life. The fenders are full of dents, the trim is practically non-existent and the paint, well... it belongs on a house!

Bloody fantastic, isn't it!

This here Coupe is owned by Paul Reid and is absolutely Bitchin' as our American friends would say.

Looks like Paul forgot to polish those gen-yoo-wine mag wheels before the Nats.


This is Chris Henry and his "Oldaze" roadster. Riding shotgun is John Lynch of Jet Hot Belly Tank fame.

There's pics of his belly tank later on.

Not so squeezy boys???

This is about as close to a modern billet Hot Rod that you'll get on this page, but when it's done with a traditional twist, I don't mind it.

The flames were a pearl purple with a metallic silver pinstripe. The car was also on airbags and I think ran a Fuel Injected engine.

From the sublime to the ridiculous. About as "low-tech" as you can get!

A real trip down Nostalgia Ave topped off with a DLRA (Dry Lakes Racers Australia) racing number on the side.

I forgot to check for a timing tag though.

I'm a bit of a sucker for '55 Chevs and this one was just a nice clean example of one.

Nice two tone colour combination and a sensible set of wheels.