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Here's Stewie's other car. Actually, he's short, but not that short.

It's actually his grandson's new stroller. Much cooler than those 3 wheel contraptions that every other kid gets around in.

Cool pick 'em up truck cruising around as the sun goes down.

I've always liked these, in fact, the very first model car I ever owned was the '40 Ford pickup. Yes I know it's not a '40... or is it? I can never tell.

This here is the T-Special. It was built in memory of Tina Katsanis, John "Chopper" Katsanis' wife. It was built in a couple of weeks and then raffled off at John's Picnic back in 2001.

The new owner has really finished it off nicely. There's more pics of it later on.

Here's that damn Buick again. Such a cool car.

This just look so right. I'm not usually a fan of chrome wires, but on the right car they look fantastic. This is the right car for them.

And that was Friday. Only two days to go!


Remember at the start I told you how there were only 3 guys that had been to every Nats in the same car.

Well here's one of them. That's Ian Shaw giving the old girl a bit of a spit and polish before heading down for the day.

This clown is Peter "Carps" Carpenter. I'm kind enough to put some of his crappy photos on my website.

I think he dropped his contact lens and has just found it. Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

The limo behind him is Ian Shaw's other car, a 454 powered '48 Cadillac.


Of course, we MUST be in Australia because there are Utes in the car park.

Once again, the simplicity of this '48 Chev is what attracts me. The colours are quite plain, but they just work. The super low stance helps too.

This serious piece of work belongs to Bill Mussett of Castlemaine Rod Shop fame.

I hear Rod has all the ideas, Bill is the one who knows how to make it work.

This is a TOUGH car.

Here's Don telling us what he had been doing to his '57 Cad to clean up the lines. Or maybe he was checking out the Ford Laser, I dunno.

Yep, definitely in Australia. There's another one of them Yoots.

Ford sure were on the ball back then.

This great little bucket belongs to Peter Swift. It is just about exactly as he built it back in the early 60's. Even the tyres are the same (and boy does it show).

This car is unrestored and in case that name rings a bell, his son's car is the red '32 roadster a couple of pages back.

Here's the Swifts about to head in to the show ground after registering and picking up their goodie bags.

They're a great bunch of folks, even the sons!

This was just too good an opportunity to pass up. A tubbed and tube chassised Deuce 3 window out the front of the Traffic Safety Centre.

Yes officer... I was only going 100... MILES PER HOUR.