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I was seriously diggin' on this little roadster. Love the chromies with the candy painted centres and chrome lug nuts.

Louvres in the firewall, checkers, lakes headers, it's got it all!

Here's that HAMMERED Coupe again. That's one serious chop.

Flat black, red steelies and whitewalls, still look cool. Even after all these years!

This is a great looking roadster and doesn't look anywhere near as nice in the photo as it does in the flesh.

It's got a real nice trim job in it with some real nice features, then I found out the owner is Pat Mesiti (I think?) and he's a motor trimmer. Figures!

This pickup caught my eye like so many other cars there, because of it's simplicity.

I like the pipe running along the running boards. Cool truck.

Here's a better shot of Roy Fregon's channelled '32 roadster. Roy has owned this car for something like a 102 years, well for ages anyway.

It's one of the longest continuously registered Hot Rods in Australia, if not the longest.

I seem to remember Roy telling me he put the '40 dash in it. He bought the car back in the 60's and it was fitted with a flathead.

He keeps making noises about putting a flathead back in it, but I think he might miss the 11 sec 1/4 miles he gets with the blown SBC. We'll see.

A neat custom '57 Fairlane 4 door hardtop. Don't see too many of those around these parts.

These flamed twin spinners are everywhere! This one has had a liiittle bit more work done to it than the last one.

It's also featured on the Castlemaine pages. I think I took 3 or 4 shots of it. CLICK HERE


Here's John Lynch's HEMI powered belly tank.

In case you're trying to figure out what kind of aeroplane it's of, give up.

It's completely built from scratch. Pretty clever these Castlemaine boys.

Here's the timing tag from Bonneville. If you can't read it, it says.




Now that's cool. Even cooler, is that the car has to date run 296MPH!

Now you'd have to be tough to drive a Pink racing truck. Don Dillard reckons that they spend most of their time on their rooves judging by the fact that the roll cage is on the OUTSIDE!

So how did Hot Rodding start I hear you ask. Well... this is probably a pretty good example.

A Track T that is actually built for running on dirt tracks.

This was a beautifully presented car with heaps of neat details.

Pretty much all business in there, although, is that Tuck & Roll I see in there???

Check out the V8 logo cut into the pedals.

This is a HOT ROD!

I believe the same guy owns both of these cars.

Love the paint jobs. Those speedway guys sure have lost the plot somewhere along the line. When are they going to ban fluoro paints and make it mandatory that your paintjob has too look cool.

Stuff the sponsors.

Check out the cool artwork, all hand lettered.

I imagine this one is Y-Block powered and the T is a flathead.

Ah, bring back the old days I say!