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Now this is one crazy pickup! Everything about it is over the top. The engine, the paint, the custom work. Check out the frenched Moon tank.

Like I said. Crazy man!

It's pretty hard to tell in the above photo, but as you can see from the close up, there's a fair bit of metalflake goin' on here.

Here's Matt Jansen's '35 Pickup... again! I've got other photos from Castlemaine and the CRAKK Run.

This guy is like Jesus and germs... EVERYWHERE!

One the side of the door is written "Lil' Coupe Ute", and that's exactly what this is. The very first ever Yoot. You've probably all heard this story before, but you're going to hear it again...

Allegedly, a farmer's wife wrote to Ford Australia and asked... "Why can't you build a car that we can use on the farm during the week and then take to church on Sunday?"

And this is what Henry's boys came up with. Clever huh?

A few years down the track (about 25), this is what the old Coupe Ute was looking like.

Down here we call them Mainlines. This one is real nice with the spats, whitewalls and nice lowering job. I'm pretty sure not many farmers ordered them with that combo.

As I've already mentioned, I'm a bit of a sucker for '55 Chevs.

This one appears to be pretty stock apart from the removal of the upward sweeping piece of trim on the rear spear.

Should be nice when it's painted and finished... you are going to paint it aren't you mate?

Here's your pretty standard custom Merc... Hang on! No it's not!

It's actually a 4 door Hudson sedan that has been turned into a 2 door with the roof chopped, custom front and rear and a sweet candy paint job.

The bodywork was performed by John "Chopper" Katsanis. Geez he's a clever bastard!

As you can see, the chop looks great from any angle, a true sign of a good chop.

This car had people drooling all weekend.

Here's another Panel Delivery, this time green... green is nice, with flames.
Very reminiscent of a So-Cal Speedshop car and entirely intentional I'm sure, this 3 window is sensational and has all the right bits.

Apparently the owner is the President of the Ferrari or Porsche or some other expensive car club.

Looks like he's finally figured it out.

This '33 Coupe was also in my coverage of the Castlemaine show, only back the it was sporting red steelies with crossplies on the rear and ribbed Firestones on the front.

I think I like the other version better.

Here's a neat '51 Ford Tudor that has been helped along in the coolness factor with some neat flames and a set of lakes pipes.

I really liked the flamejob on this car. Real old school.

Now maybe a couple of inches (or four) out of the top, a bit of a shave and she'll be sweet!


I just had to take a photo of this thing. It is the Street Machine Magazine "VU for U" giveaway car.

This photo is not doctored in any way. Those rear wheels are 24" in diameter!

Now that's just starting to get a little ridiculous.