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This is a bad ass looking car with heaps of attitude.

... with the sticker to prove it.

"Paint can never replace ATTITUDE"

I just found out the other day that this neat '40 Coupe belongs to Dave, partner in crime with Greg Wapling at Hot Rod Bench Racing Internet
A 3 window Willys coupe, another uniquely Australian body style.
Don't know who Daro is, but I sure as hell like his car.

Here's those extra shots of the "T-Special" that I promised you a few pages back.

As I said, this was a raffle car and the new owner has really done a nice job on finishing it off.

Tina would be proud.

Clean and simple interior. Early Falcon wheel is a great touch and look! It's got THREE pedals!
Nice clean Y-Block with the correct number of carbs (lots).

This Tudor has all of the right bits and pieces on it.

It must have taken years for him to collect all those bits... Nope, it's all fresh off the shelf.

Even all the cool chit on the engine is brand spankers.

Nothing wrong with that I say. It's such a nice car that Steve Coonan took it away from the crowds for a bit of a feature shoot.

Maybe we'll see it in The Rodder's Journal one day.

Check out the Merc that's leaning on that bike!

It even has a nice motor in it.

Mmmmm... flathead with lots of carbs.

Uh-Oh, I'm starting to sound like Homer!

This car has also been featured here before in the Bobbin Head coverage. It's so nice that I just had to take another photo of it.

This car is extremely well put together and never has a speck of dust on it.

Ditto with this car. I've seen it before at the Hawkesbury Swap Meet, but it's such a neat car it gets another run.

Aren't I a nice guy.