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This is quite a well known car amongst the traps. Usually he runs it without the hood and puts velocity stacks on the triple carbs.


Only their mother can tell them apart?

Well not really, one's a Deuce and the other one is an A, but they're definitely related.

These two cars were always together.

A neat Model A roadster pickup running some seriously industrial whitewalls out the back!

Maybe he's from up in them thar hills.

Whoops! Copped a bit of a reflection there.

Here's another couple of shots of Dave Whitehead's "Golden Idol".


Here's a shot of the trim. Dave actually went to TAFE to learn how to do auto trimming.

I think after the Tuck & Roll class he just wagged the rest.

Here's a nice shot that really captures the colour of the car. A lot of photos seem to wash out the brightness of the colour.

This car was also featured in the The Rodder's Journal #22 in the History of Australian Hot Rodding story.

Well done Dave.

Here's an earlier Vicky Crestliner. You don't see many of these down here. Even though it's pretty much bog stock, it still makes a cool sled.

Another cool old jalopy that has already graced these pages. I first saw this car at last years Rat Rod Day.

Now that's traditional.

This kind of started off as an American Graffiti Coupe, but it soon got it's own identity.

I guess you could say it was inspired. There's also some pretty inspired engineering in this car. More on that later.

Steve Coonan, Editor of The Rodder's Journal also really liked this car and snapped a few pics.

A well loved T Coupe.
Uh-Oh! Billet wheels. Sorry, but this was one tough Sloper. Great colour too that's really hard to capture.

This car has so much pearl in the paint that it makes the photos look like it's painted in suede.

The green and the orange is an odd combo, but it really works on this car.

This was a pretty neat '58 Chevy wagon. It's actually yellow and purple with the colour theme carried over to the interior.

As wild as this Buick looks, it's really quite stock. A little bit trim shaved here and there, a big (20") set of wheels, some airbags and a nice coat of paint and your cruising in a wild looking custom.

That's the great thing about Buicks, the factory already did most of the customising for you!