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They sure were popular these old things.

Ford really got it right back in '39/'40. The coupes, the pickups and especially the "slopers" looked so good.

Here's another NSW car that made the trip down.

I see this roadster quite a bit too, normally hanging around with that hooligan in the primer red blown Hemi Coupe.

I knew full well I'd already taken a few pics of this car, but I figured no one would complain.

Here's that damn '34 Coupe again!

I must have subconsciously really liked this car, because I'm sure I didn't know I'd taken so many pics of it!

And here we have it, the final member of the Terrible Trio that have been to every Nats in the same car.

This car was built by Andy Morris from Tasmania and when I say built, I mean BUILT. He made all of the nuts and bolts on the car, they even have AM machined into them, he made the wheels, the suspension, everything!


I was wondering around the camping areas for some reason when I spied this wild looking T Bucket hiding down a side road.

Now I'm not really a fan of 70's T Buckets, but... when they've got a blown Buick Nailhead in them, it's OK.

Here's a couple of shots of the crowd late Sunday afternoon.
There was a HUGE crowd there Sunday, so large that they had to close down the cruising track.

Here's Chris Henry's "Roll out a Roadster" project car that built up as part of a magazine feature in Australian Street Rodding.

Chris' other car is the "OLDAZE" roadster pickup that I pictured a few pages back.

Bob and Nola were our neighbours at the caravan park. Bob couldn't get his Hot Rod running in time, so they came along in Nola's shopping car.

It's a Windsor powered XP Coupe.

Just another cool '32 3 window Coupe.

More drooling...

Here's the donk. Another one of them Chevy things with lots of carbs.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Can't really go wrong with a black '34 3 window with a set of Halibrands.

Still drooling...


You hadn't noticed before that I had been taking all of the photos in alphabetical order, did you?

Well here's the last one, the ZZ Top Coupe.

I didn't mention it, but the first car, it's actually called the "Aardvark roadster". Didn't know THAT, did you.

We're almost there. Only one more page to go!