California Hot Rod Reunion 2003

Now before you start ringing me and asking "When the hell did you go to the USA???", these pics aren't mine. This fine and all encompassing selection of pics were taken by Grant Zippel of Adelaide, South Australia. Grant was kind enough to send me a CD and after I checked them out I asked if I would be allowed to host them on my website. Thankfully Grant said yes, so after picking out the pics I really liked (about 75% of the total), I resized them all and uploaded them.

There won't be too much of my usual commentary as I don't know a great deal about many of the cars, but just have browse through and enjoy the view. It's pretty amazing at times, trust me!


If you liked these photos and would like a copy of the CD please contact Grant at the address below. The 2003 California Hot Rod Reunion - Famoso Raceway, Bakersfield CA CD includes 580 pictures taken on a Canon G3 digital camera (4MP). The pics on the CD are all 2272x1704 pixels, or in other words around 4 times the size of the ones on here, or in more other words... HUUUUUUGE!!!

Send cheque/money order for $20 AU (postage included) to;

Grant Zippel

P.O. Box 108

Flagstaff Hill SA 5159