CHRR - Miscellaneous Stuff


Here's the entry to the famed Famoso dragstrip. As you can see it's in Bakersfield, the home of the legendary Buck Owens.
The sign says "Make your Chevy breathe heavy". I like it. Wayne 12 port conversion for the Stovebolt .
How about an injected 302 Jimmy for your next ride. Mmmm....
392 HEMI for $5850. I'll take TWO!
Where this Hot Rodding nonsense all started. A hopped up 4 banger. Looks pretty serious.

Here's Marlowe and Floyd cooking up some spam on their sectioned '32 grille shell.

It's OK, I've stopped crying now... :(

Want modern EFI but figure it won't look good in your old style jalopy? Well this is what you need. Fuel injection throttle bodies that have been developed to look like old Stromberg 97s. Brilliant!

Get 'em at Mooneyes.

I'm not sure what the story is with this thing, but by the look of it runs!!! And that's what I'd be doing if he started it up I think.


Imagine the sound of that thing when he cranks it up!

It's a V12 Allison for those that haven't figured it out yet. Usually they power tanks and aeroplanes, not TRAILERS!!!