CHRR - Customs Page 1

Looks like Grant likes his customs about as much as me! There's FOUR PAGES of cool customs, some you may have seen before, some that will blow your socks off. When it comes to use of colour and custom paint designs, the Californians have got it nailed.


A '37 Lincoln Zephyr. OK, this guy didn't go too crazy with the colour, but I'm sure he's planning on painting it something shiny.
This '48 Chevy Fleetline is owned by Jerry Johnson and has been featured in Rod & Custom magazine. The first time I saw it though was in 2000 at Back to the Beach while I was in the US on my honeymoon.

For some unknown reason I only took one photo of the car. I was trying to not waste too much film and the Aussie dollar was only worth about 50c US.

That's my excuse anyway...

Thanks to the wonderful world of digital photography, Grant doesn't have all of those worries, so he just shot away with absolute abandon.

Thanks mate. :)

No your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. That is actually two different shades of pearl orange, in fact, I think there are THREE different shades used on the car!
This is the inside...
This is the back...
And this is the whole car. I'm just chucking up the photos in the order that Grant took them, so if it seems that there is no rhyme nor reason to the photos, that's because there isn't!