Perth Visit August 2003 - Page 2



...and here is "The Hunter's" hotted up FB... sorry, I've just been informed that it's actually a '57 Chev.

Believe me when I say that the dipstick is polished.

Me trying to get a little arty. Don't know why he's got that drain pipe attached to the fender!?!?

Seriously, this is a very nice car. It also helps that it has a big block in it.

This fine hauler belongs to Stuart... or is it Stewart. Why can't you have a normal name like Boris?

Stu (Stew) picked it up recently and has been changing it little by little to suit his own tastes.

I like what he's doing. The red on the steering wheel is actually pearled and looks great when the sun hits it.
Here's that might GM Ford engine that Craig is using in the T.
...and I guess since Ford now owns Jaguar, it's quite OK to used one of their diffs.


After eating all of the sausages and hanging around for a while, it was of to the secret hideaway of TBO's newest creation. This guy has had more cars than I've had... well you get my drift. Anyway, I'd seen some pics earlier of TBO's new creation and was impressed to say the least. Being the fussy guy that I am, I wanted to get my own spy pics, so off we went. Here's what I saw.


A '57 Chevy pickup with a '57 Cadillac front end. They were made for each other baby!

I personally would've gone for chrome, but the painted bumpers do suit the overall theme of the truck.

Check out that fit and finish. Awesome!

Here's back of the pickup. You can't tell from the angle of the photo, but the tailgate has also been leaned forward to match the angle of the back of the cab.
Yeah, it's on bags.

The trim is pretty trick too, with a '59 Chevy dash filled with high tech gauges and a fair amount of b...b...b..billet.

Ach... I said the B word!!!

You might have noticed that the speedo went all the way up to 160MPH!!! With an 8-71 blown 502 fitted with EFI...

...separate coil packs, just like a new car, it's going to need every one of those notches on that speedo!

Nice truck TBO. I expect a ride when you come to my part of the world.