Perth Visit August 2003 - Page 3

After the visit to TBO's shed (and after I'd wiped the drool off my chin), we headed over to Phil Pavicich's place to check out his nearly completed '34 5 window coupe. This particular one is an American bodied car and Phil had known about it for quite a while. He eventually got his greasy mitts on it and as always, built a VERY nice Hot Rod out of it.

On a more recent trip back to Perth at Christmas time 2003, I was lucky enough to a) go for a ride in the car, and b) actually drive it. It drives great and if it wasn't for Phil sitting next to me, I'm sure I woulda pulled those two chicks that were chatting us up at the lights.


Nice and shiny black paint and red wires. Like I've always said, it's been done a million times before, but that's because it looks SO GOOD!

Looks good from this angle too. That's my (twin) brother and his son in the background there.

Not sure what my nephew is pointing at, but it's probably some of the cool junk Phil's got hanging in his shed.

As you can see, the trim hasn't quite been done yet, but you can see where it's going. Nice and traditional, '39 Banjo wheel, original gauges and the trim is going to be a bone coloured leather with a simple tuck and roll theme.
It's even got a hood liner and carpet underlay. Absolute luxury!!!
After having some problems with the radials and "flapper" whitewalls, Phil has since fitted a set of real Firestone wide whites.
It's got all the right bits and pieces with lots of shiny stuff.
...including the grille and original bumpers, but... of all, IT'S GOT A HEMI IN IT!!!


It's "only" a little 270 cube Dodge Red Ram, but it looks and sounds great and goes pretty good too. Did I mention I've driven the car?

Of course, like all good Hot Rodders, Phil can't be satisfied with just one car, so he's got this one too.

At the time of this photo though, the good ol' Raccoon Truck had been sold.

Good news was (I think) that it went to another car crazy nut friend of mine. He says he needed it to tow his vintage Dodge race car.
Nothing but the finest in luxury from Henry.
Phil did thankfully update the engine to an 8BA for a little extra horsepower.