C.R.A.K.K 2003

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As the sun went down, some of the "Creatures of the Night" came out.

A few years back they used to have Drag Racing at the CRAKK Run.

Since the Government closed the drag strip down this is what Hot Rodders have had to stoop to.

Or it could just be a Sydney thing...


Same parking spot as before but with a couple of different cars.
Now you think this guys got weird hair? You should see him without the wig on!!!
Another one of my all time favourite Sydney cars. This '34 coupe has already featured on my web site, but every time I see it I just HAVE to take a photo of it.

This '34 Phaeton pulled up as I was lurking around the air conditioned reception area.

Once again, nice and simple. Another great family car.

I absolutely love this truck. On the hood side it says "Maple Leaf" which, I've been told by people much more knowledgeable than me, means that it's a Canadian model of a Chevrolet. Around 1937 I believe.

I don't really care, it's as cool as ....

This cool (or should that be hot) Caddy belongs to Danny. He's the son of the world famous Choco Munday.

The flame job is brand new and was applied by Matt Jansen whose '35 pickup is further down the page.

See! They even let late model Aussie muscle cars in. For those that don't know, this is the legendary XY GT Falcon. Apart from the wheels, it's pretty much stock in appearance.

I've seen this Deuce coupe a couple of times before and once again, I always seem to take a photo of it.

I guess I must like it.

Another tub, this time a Model A with some of them there fancy billet wheels.
I just loved the colour of this roadster pickup. Even with all of the smoke in the air and hardly any sun, it still jumped out at you.

Another car you don't see too often. A '36 sedan delivery.

I've seen this car once before and you guessed it, I took a photo of it then too!

I'd been asked to take a few pics of this T-bucket for a possible magazine feature. So after chatting to the owner for a while I figured we'd better go for a ride.

This is the view. Pretty cool.

I've never seen this before. I'm not sure if it's a survivor from the 60's or what. In fact, I don't know what it is and judging by the plate, the owner doesn't know either!
Here's the funky rear end treatment. I reckon it looks pretty good.

Here's Matt the flame painters pickup.

Looks like he's got the air conditioning fully cranked up!

You wouldn't believe it, but that drunken troublemaker getting in the way is the owner of that cool purple Chevy custom on the previous page AND was one of the organisers.

Here's pretty much the same shot but without the troublemaker.

This is what the CRAKK run is all about. Cruisin' and having fun.

The sun finally did go down and that's when it happened. The King showed up and continued to Rock & Roll for the rest of the night.
Now I've heard that some people think that The King is dead, but I reckon he's looking better than ever.

After much drinking and debauchery and even some dancing on tables the night before, everyone got up nice and early for the Show & Shine.

It was held at the park across the road from the Old Parliament House.

There was some confusion as all of the other Australia Day celebrations had been cancelled, so the cars just gathered in the car park adjacent.

This '37 Willys isn't something you see too often. Sure is a tough looking Hot Rod with that deep black paint and slot wheels.

Also waiting in the parking lot was this little Morrie. Sure does stand out with those scallops.

This T-Bucket is quite special as it is one of the first to be built to meet current Australian Design Rules.

It has side marker lights, catalytic converters, headrests, seat belts, third brake light, all of the mod cons.

After a short delay it was decided that the show must go on!

Here are some of the cars at the Show & Shine.

Here's that super channelled roadster again, but this time less weirdo!
I think this is a kind of Before & After shot. I believe they're both '35 Ford pickups.

Now if you're going to chop a roof, you might as well go all the way!

Not sure how many inches came out of this one, but it must be 6 or 7!

Now here's a colour combination that'll wake you up in the morning.
Here's a line up of Kustoms for you. I'm not sure if they felt outnumbered and had to band together.

Another car you don't see Hot Rodded too often. A '33 Willys sedan.

From what I can remember, it's the first one I've ever seen.

Another rather colourful combination and a proud Aussie by the look of it.

...and last but not least, this very hammered '36 sedan.

Well that's all folks. I hope you liked my "coverage" of the event.