C.R.A.K.K 2003

Now before you all complain, I know what you're thinking. What the .... does CRAKK mean? It's quite obvious really. It's the...

Canberra Rod And Kustom Krooze

Plain as day when you think about it. The CRAKK run is pretty much a 4 day event held over the Australia Day Long Weekend (for all you furriners, Australia Day is January 26th). The location is the White Ibis Holiday Resort located around 14 kms out of Canberra. The majority of the entrants stay at the White Ibis, but some stay in Canberra and a few just make it down for a day trip.

Anyway, enough banter, you probably want to just see the pics. I've decided to try a slightly larger picture size, so I'd recommend an 800x600 display size, but for best viewing 1024x768. Hope you like the new larger format.


The first car I spied as we came in to the White Ibis was this neat Customline. Nothing crazy, pretty stock in fact, but the stance and the colour really made it stand out. The roof is a metallic silver.

Nice and bright Model A Tudor had Queensland plates on it. Not sure if he came all the way down just for the CRAKK run, but who cares.

Gotta love these "family wagons".

The next THREE Hot Rods all belong to the same family.

This is the latest addition to the family and by the look of it the lowest.

This one belongs to Dennis, the older brother.
And this one is Mother's car. Not a bad collection for one family.

Don't see too many Woody deliveries around, probably because they never made them.

The name on the side says "Huskisson Automotive", but I'm not sure if they're branching out into carpentry.

I think this started off as a '35 pickup. Now it's just a bad ass Hot Rod.

Love this look, but I'm not sure how useful it is as a Shop Truck!

Here's a close up of the artwork on the door.

Pretty cool design if you ask me.

Now this definitely started out as a '48 Chev pickup. All it's had is a bit of a "haircut" by the look of it!
This '36 3 -window was almost finished. Made a nice contrast to the flat black TMC shop truck.

If you liked the coupe before, you'll like it even more now.

Check out that sweet looking flathead.

This was one very tidy machine.

Hiding out the back was this neat '34 coupe and a lowridin' Impala.

The CRAKK run attracts ALL types of cars. I've been told even Ramblers are welcome!


Here's another look at the Impala. I'd say by the way it was bouncing it's way around the cruising track that it's on a full set of hydraulics.

Another shot of the '34.

In case you're wondering, the 3 windscreen wipers are needed to meet registration requirements.

Now I'm not sure who's driving here, but Junior still looks a little short to reach the pedals.

Man I wish I had one of these when I was a kid!

One of the great factory customs, the '57 Cadillac doesn't need much done to it. A set of '59 Cad bullet taillights and some lakes pipes and this one's done.

Now this little Chrysler Royal has some serious RAKE happening!

Here's a neat '32 Vicky. Big and little polished Americans and importantly, matching fluffy dice.

Parked next to the Vicky was this tough looking roadster running a set of polished Centrelines.

Love the blue hue too!

Now here's something a little different. This little Model A roadster runs full Alfa Romeo running gear. Transaxle and all. It must drive like a Go-Kart!
This was one of my favourites. I absolutely love these Tall T Sedans and although I'm not a huge "Resto Rod" fan, I really like the blackwalls and chrome wires with this paintjob.

This chopped Chevy was once a 4-door sedan. Now it's a pretty cool sled.

Unfortunately the overcast skies don't really show up the colour very well.

Here's a shot from the back. Pretty nice lines on the roof chop.

You can also get a better idea of the paintjob.

Here's a pretty tough looking '32 roadster with what looks like a 4 or 5 inch chop on the screen.

Here's a real sweet '40 couperunning a set of "baldy" Mercury caps.

You just can't go wrong with one of these.

This is one of Australia's Top Street Machines having won Grand Champion at the Summernats 2 or 3 times.
Another one of my favourites was this Deuce roadster. Just clean and simple.
This was a VERY neat old car. Still left hand drive with a stock interior. Looks like someone got hold of a restored car and turned it into a Hot Rod with a few simple changes.

This was a popular parking spot over the weekend and there were usually a few different cars parked there over the weekend.

I don't think I've ever seen a Model A sit this low before.

Sure looks tough with that rubber out the back and the low down stance.

One of the best looking cars of the 50's in my opinion. The '56 Vicky is a classic shape and looks great any way you want to do it up.

Basic black, chromies and baby moons will do just fine.


Here's another neat and simple Hot Rod. It's not often you see a set of white wheels on a Hot Rod, but it works on this one.

Here's another '36 Ford, only this time a 5-window and not quite as shiny as the last one.

Sure is cool though!

This bad '33 pickup pulled in on Saturday afternoon and I headed straight for it.

The satin black finish is on everything, including the wheels. Super low stance and chopped screen really work for me.

This is one of my favourite cars that I've seen since I moved to Sydney. It's a '56 Olds and is basically stock except for the paint and the white Tuck & Roll interior.

What a great looking car.

As it was a little bit warm, we decided to head to the pub for a refreshing ale.

This '33 coupe was just heading back to the White Ibis so I thought I'd better take a snap.