40th Victorian Hot Rod Show - Page 2



This is the channelled '32 roadster of show organiser Roy Fregon. It is Australia's oldest Hot Rod having been registered continuously since 1957.

Roy has recently taken off the blower and put a tri-carb setup on. I think he's getting old.

Another very old hot rod is the T-bucket of Peter Swift's. I've already got a bunch of pics of this car on my website, but none of it wearing the original tri-carb setup. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find one of those for a 318 Poly motor!
Pete brought along a whole bunch of paraphernalia including a copy of the 'mainstream Modern Motor magazine that featured his car on the cover and ran a story that Peter wrote himself.
What are you reading this for? Read the sign!
The original trophies.
The show sign, complete with 40 years worth of patina.
The original design drawings for the car. As you can see, it turned out pretty similar, but in my opinion even better looking once built. Notice that the drawings show a flathead engine.
Close up of the artwork that was drawn by Eddie Ford. Eddie is another hot rodding pioneer in Australia who started 'Custom Rodder', the first hot rod magazine in the country.

This is Pete's son Corey. He spent most of the show polishing his trailer queen show car.

Corey also has the same hairstyle as his Dad.

Seriously though, top car, top bloke.

This was a new car to me and to most of the other show-goers. Great looking car, but can someone please donate a solid axle to the cause?
Nicely detailed Windsor.

Nice from any angle. Even Mr. Death seems to think it's OK.

What's that Mr. Death?

It was the salmon mousse...