Super Model Car Sunday 2008 - Page 1

This was the 10th year for SMCS and it was bigger and better than ever. Almost 800 models from around 100 modellers were on display and around 1500 people came through the doors to see some amazing stuff. I managed to build one new model for this year (pretty lame effort) but I also took along a few of my older models. Some other people were prolific to say the least, with Dave Loye's stunning creations and the amazing dioramas of Rob Todaro and Ken Searle. There was so much to see, and although I spent most of the day there, I'm sure I missed some really cool stuff.

There was even a great turnout of 1:1 scale cars, but I didn't get a chance to get any photos of them. But who cares, you're here to see the fantastic plastic.


The 'Big T', one of the great kits from the height of the modelling hobby. Released back in the early-60s, the 1/8th scale model is huge and allows for some great detail. Although this kit has recently been re-released, this is an original one that was built back in the 60s and still looks amazing today.

Bruce Dawson brought along an amazing collection of old kits that he had built in the 60s and 70s, complete with the original boxes.

The note below the box reads: "After losing my fingers on left hand, the need arose for me to learn to draw and write again using my right hand. So I took up model car building in 1964.

The '40 coupe was his first attempt and it was brush painted, and yep, that's the brush and the original tin of paint as well as the original box.

Why wouldn't you keep all the boxes? Look how cool the artwork is on all of them. So much better than the re-touched photos of models we have today.

Just more old models. Would you call this 'Vintage Plastic'?

Tony Somers now has his dream job of working in a model shop (Stanbridge's) and he has become even more prolific with his model building. Here's a few of his motorbikes and we'll see a bunch of his cars shortly.

One last shot of Bruce's collection.

Allan Bunter is another prolific modeller and is in the process of building an XB Falcon panel van out of a coupe (I presume).