Super Model Car Sunday 2008 - Page 2


A trio of nice models from Tony Del Grosso. The one that really caught my eye though, was the lavender Mercury in the middle.

More from Tony. This time it was the lime green Nomad that stood out for me.

More from Allan Bunter's 'Gas Monkey Garage'. Not quite sure what Flanders is doing there.

Some superb stuff from Roy Evans. Ed Roth's 'Outlaw', the Ala Kart and the Pierson Bros coupe round out a stunning trio of models. They're pretty nice models when you take into account that Roy's a Pom! ;)

Bruce Laker brought in a collection of amazing slot cars. Wouldn't want to send one of these flying off the track and into the TV cabinet!

A very cool '36 Ford roadster .

Some Rat-A-Rific pick-up trucks. I'm not sure, but I think these were modified from die-cast kits judging by that odd looking front axle.

Another nice selection of hot rods, this time by Tony Ashton.