2001 NSRA Nationals

Mike put some fresh paint on the Chevy for this years trip. I think he
was hunting for a top twenty or Pros pick prize at the NSRA Nat's. ;-)
Of course the judges nearly feinted when they looked inside and saw all
the scarring around the rusty interior panels. The big surprise for me
was to see the engine bay painted green. Since I first rode in the car
in '92 it was always the original Chevy cream colour.

Of course to make up for Mike, Don didn't apply any fresh paint, but he
did have fabric on the seat, which made for a really comfortable cross
country ride. It's truly amazing that the Little Red Coupe That Could
actually has more leg and headroom than a big purple and flamed ceedan
that I rode in. Even more amazing is how much stuff actually fits in
the trunk of a model A coupe.

...and here we have the Big Man himself leaning on one of his favourite '34 Coupes of all time. Hope he didn't stuff up the wheel alignment!!!
The other pics are pretty much self explanatory, although you may wonder
who the heck the ROMEOs are. They are Retired Old Men Eating Out and
meet once or twice a month for lunch. They all usually drive their hot
rods or kustoms and anybody who doesn't really gets picked on.
Apparently when you're retired there's no excuse for not keeping your
ride in drivable condition..
In goes a stocker and out comes a Kool Kustom. It's the Kustom Tree :)
The model is one of Jack Stirnemann's all steel '1/8 scale '32
roadsters. These things are really nice and not too expensive for the
serious model car guy. Jack sells them as a kit or he'll build one to
order (that's when they get really expensive). The early ones were
pretty simple but as orders came in the range of parts was expanded to
cover various wheel, front axle, rear axle and other options including
stock, chopped, duval and recently So Cal windscreens. There's a neat
water decal sheet for headlamp lense and dash deatils plus some spares
for the tool box or fridge.
The tool box is from Phil Brown;s sens of humour. I like it. I'll send
some pics of some of Phil's other stuff later. I think you'll like it,
proly even drool on some of it. Phil owns Route 66 Street Rod Parts in
St Louis.
...and eventually they made it to the Nationals. That's Skip Readio's Hemi powered '34 Sedan in the background. Now that car has seen some MILES!!!