Carps Adventures!

Well since the big guy has sent me so many good pics over the last year or so, I figured I'd better make up a mini web site for him. For those of you that don't know Carps, he's a slack bastard that is forever jetting off to the USA hanging out with his Hot Rod buddies.

As the song goes... "He's been everywhere man!"

Click on the pic to see more pics from that adventure.

Please pass on any complaints to Carps. I hardly know him ;)

2001 NSRA Nationals. Getting there Aussie style. i.e. Freeload off all of your Yankee mates.
Once Carps finally got to the Nats he hadn't quite run out of film, so he took a few more snaps.

So many cool cars, so little time :(
Here's a bunch of pics from Speed Week 2001. Put on your sunscreen and slap on the shades. Some very cool stuff up ahead.

By the way, that's Big Don. You might have seen him previously on this web site standing in front of his black '34 Coupe. This time I don't think he was meant to be standing in front of the car!

Here's what Carps had to say...
Then of course there's a couple of those inevitable shots. Y'know the
ones you always get coz some jerk wanders straight into your picture the
instant you push the shutter button. I apologise if any of those get
in amongst this lot, but there's some slow witted folks out there on the
salt ;-) Maybe it's some kind of food deprivation makes them like
Here's an absolute BUNCH of pics from the 9th Annual John's Rod & Custom 50's Picnic. A must see for all Hot Rodder's and Kustom Kings. I haven't been yet, but after seeing all these pics I'm sure as hell going to get there as quick as I can.