DLRA Speed Week 2005 - Page 3


Bob Ellis's XP Coupe has a special Ford engine with the distributor mounted at the back. Not really, I just have lots of friends with Fords and I don't want them to cry.

Might not be real fast, but it sure looks cool. Not quite sure if it's standard military issue, this one .

Who needs a push car when you can just rope some bloke into giving you a shove!

Stampy's roadster looks the part and runs pretty hard as well, going a shade over 181mph.

Wild looking roadster of Team Speed. These guys take their racing so seriously that they all changed their name to Stan - I No Under Stan, Stan Over There, Stan Lee Trimmer... or something like that, anway.

Hot rodders - the original recyclers.

And he's off.

Rod Hadfield's Commodore lining up for another run.