DLRA Speed Week 2005 - Page 2


Our first glimpse of the lake, that hazy white patch just above the road.

We got to the lake some time after lunch on Monday, just in time to see Rod Hadfield make a run in his Bronze Aussie Commodore. This thing has run as quick as 260mph.

It's pretty obvious those bike guys are crazy, and here's proof. Ben James found part of an old Ultralight aircraft down the tip (or laying around somewhere) and figured it would make the perfect aerodynamic nose cone for his bike. Not sure how much difference it made, but it sure looked cool.

Davo has a chat to Norm Hardinge, half of the Big Knob Racing Team. Norm and his partner Wayne 'Oggie' Belot have been knocking on the door of 200mph for more years than they care to remember, having run a hair under 196mph so far.

It's big, it's flat and it's hard. Well... usually anyway.

Dan MacDonald built this Falcon coupe just to go salt lake racing and had a ball all week, running just under 170mph. He was rapt and couldn't believe how much fun he was having.

The Grey Power FJ of Dennis Boundy is a great looking car and set a new record of 113.075mph in XO/Pro.

Give 'em a chance and hot rodders will race anything! Steven 'Smurf' Vorwerk brought his 1950 International truck along and ran 111.707mph, setting a record for his class.