Bobbin Head Run 2003

The first Sunday after the long weekend in June meant that it was time to head to Bobbin Head again. This time we took a picnic lunch and I let my wife (Sue) bring along a friend. They must have been feeling a little unwell as they didn't once get off the picnic rug and check out all of the cool cars. They were quite happy to sit there sipping white wine and snacking on gourmet delights!

Me on the other hand... after throwing the rug down according to Sue's commands, grabbing a quick snack and a beer for sustenance, I was off! I had people to meet and cars to see. A few cars I had seen before and if you regularly check out my "reports", you too may have seen them before, but I figure that's OK. They're all so cool, you just keep on looking at them.


Paul Reid always comes down to Bobbin Head. This car was a "Rat Rod" before the term was even invented.

I just call it a "Cool as sh!t HOT ROD!"

As you can see, this little coupe has all the right bits. Serious chop, serious louvres and a serious rear end.

Love it!

I don't normally go for the "Resto Rod" kinda look, especially two tone Hot Rods, but, for some reason I like this one. I think it's an interesting use of colours with a good stance and wheel/tyre combination.

I see this "Old 34" at quite a few runs. According to some people I know it's got "...enough doors for two cars...".

I think I just have a thing for cars with flame jobs that look like they came out of a model kit... and that's a good thing.

Just a tough and clean '33 Coupe. Don't know much about it, I just liked the stance and the colour.

This FE or FC panel was parked right in front of that tough coupe. It's not too often you see one of these that survived the 70's without gaining a set of bubble windows!

Looks like a pretty serious runner with that rubber under the rear. I'm not sure, but it could be V8 powered.

Don't know if this Shop Truck is for real or if someone just made it up.

I guess with a mobile phone number it's a current business.

Pretty neat little truckster. I just hope he doesn't use it to launch any of his boats!

Here's a bit of a lineup in the parking lot.

From L-R : The Vicky belongs to Matt Joyce, the 2 Hudsons both belong to the same guy. I can't remember his name, but he's good mates with Pep who owns the '34 Sedan at the end of the lineup.

...and here's Pep's billetmobile.

It's soon to go to a new home, partially to fund his in the works '37 roadster and partly because Pep hates to see it not being used.

I'm sure it'll be going to a good home. Wonder if he'll keep that "baby poo" brown colour or not???

This Chevy rolled in pretty late. Talk about an entrance. Great lines on the chop, especially considering it's a 4 door hardtop.

There's more pics of it on the next page.

Some potential here. :)
Super tough looking Willys is obviously on airbags. I saw it leave and he lifted it pretty high. Pretty handy feature to have, especially at Bobbin Head as they don't have speed "bumps", they're more like speed MOUNTAINS!

I've seen this '36 roadster before too, but it's just such a nice car I had to take another pic of it.

It's real nice as it is, but it would sure look sweet with some big whitewalls, full caps, spats and draggin' the tail.

This multi-hued flamed Deuce roadster has been around for quite a while. By the look of it it's getting driven quite a bit too.

Good to see!

This roadster just scream 1960's!

I'm pretty sure it belongs to Nick Rees. He's got way too many nice cars.

There are also a few 50's sleds that come along to Bobbin Head. Here is another one of my favourite cars, Paul Falzon's '56 Olds.

Not too sure on the details of the finnned Mopar beast in front, but Paul did mention to me that the guy went to look at a red '58 Plymouth. Came back with this black one instead. Good choice!

Just a neat old '34 Coupe with a subtle flame job and a set of Halibrands.

Pretty rare to see the special raised roof model these days.

It says '39 Ford on the plates, but it kinda looks like the back half of a '37.

I believe they made a couple of different bodies. This looks like the one with the larger cockpit, which I believe means it has a rear seat.

The owner of this Fine Ford Bob Mathis, dropped by and left a message in my Guest Book. Here's what he said...

"Thanks for including my 39 ford convertible in your Bobbin Head report. It is a 39 Deluxe, Australian build. They differ from 39/40 American convertibles in that they used the 37 roadster backs. 39 American bodies have a single seat with either a trunk or a rumble seat. 40 american bodies have front and rear seating in the cabin with a trunk. American rear quarters and trunks are the same as on the coupes. Enjoyed the site