Bobbin Head Run 2003

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Here's a very nice Deuce Coupe that's owned by Kev. How do I know it's owned by Kev... it says so on the number plate.

But then again... maybe the car's called Kev!

How's that for a backdrop. And how's that for a winter sky in Australia. Bobbin Head really is one of the most beautiful places for a Hot Rod Run.

Oh... and I'm diggin' the whitewalls and Cragars on this Deuce 3 Window. Bitchin'.

I really liked this Model A Tudor. Something about the colour and wire wheels, they just seem to work well together.

This Deuce Coupe had a Fuel Injected 5.0 Ford in it, complete with plastic "cockroach" thing covering the engine.

Not something I usually go for on a Hot Rod, but it was very well done in this case.



You just can't go past a fully fendered '32 roadster with unpolished American D Spokes... well I can't anyway.

Apparently this car has been on the road for around 10 years. I can't remember the owner, but it was built by Dave Hart, President of the Northern Beaches Hot Rod Club that host the event.

Here's that other shot of the '65 I promised you. As you can see, it's a pretty serious chop.

I overheard the owner chatting about the car and saying that it had just been done to take to the Wintersun festival in Queensland and was now for sale.

I really like how this photo turned out. You can really see how beautiful a spot it is and how nice the day was.

If you own this truck, feel free to contact me for a copy.

You may also recognise this car if you regularly check out my website. This car lived in Perth for a few years, but I originally saw it in Melbourne.

It is one of my all time favourite cars.

I'm pretty sure '55 Chevs didn't come out in this colour combination, but they sure as hell should have!

I've just decided I've got to build a model of this car.

It looks spot on from every angle and is as shiny underneath as it is on top.

Absolutely gorgeous car.

Now this is a TOUGH car. Blown Big Block Chev, great wheel/tyre combo, flawless paint. Awesome!

A couple of guys were chatting to the owner and asked him if it was a new car. He said that he had built it 4 years or so ago.

I definitely hadn't seen it before and neither had these other guys. Hopefully it'll come out some more.

Just after I'd taken a shot of the coupe above, this Deuce Tudor rolled in. He stopped so I could take a pic.

The drive then said "You've got good taste mate."

I said "I know."

Neat old '40 pickup that has a fair bit of "patina".

Still one of my favourite types of Hot Rod, and it all stems from the fact that a '40 Pickup was the very first car model I had ever built!

Real nice '32 pickup running a set of polished Centerlines. Apparently the owner had smashed the car and the whole front has been replaced.

Nice job!

Super smooth '34 roadster looking good as the sun goes down.

Remember I said earlier how Bobbin Head must be one of the most beautiful spots to have a Hot Rod run.

Well here's why.

National Park on all sides with a lovely water way.

Here's the girls toughing it out at a Hot Rod run.

That's Sue on the left and her friend Viv on the right.

And of course, there's a park and playground for the kids when they get bored.

As of yet, I've never got bored at Bobbin Head. There's always another car to look at or someone to chat to.

It's a great run and I'll keep coming back.