Back to the Beach

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The day before we hit Back to the Beach I made a pilgrimage to the Moon Shop. Great place, only saw the shop, which is pretty small but packed with neat stuff. Picked up an essential piece of customising equipment...a Moon antenna ball! Hopefully our rental will stand out from all the others.

As you can see I was happy to find this mecca of Hot Rodding. Am I facing East??? I think so.

BTW, the grass was wet.

This neat and way low wagon belongs to the guy behind the counter, Chico. Great surf wagon.

Check out the Moon disks on the bikes in the background. I think they were around $400 for a set of 4, Ouch!

We passed the Sultan's on the way to Huntington Beach. This wagon was leading the way. The plates say 2BURNU, with the biggest flame thrower setup I've ever seen you want to be standing about 50 feet away to make sure you don't end up barbecued!

Flames were everywhere at the Beach. Here's a couple of nice examples and a not too often seen 4 door Merc. I had to look twice to even notice!

Probably my favourite car of the show because it's so different. Pretty much stock bodied but with a great combination of flames and scallops this car really looked great. Another Sultan's car.

Another car that stopped me in my tracks. It's hard to tell in the photo, but the roof is a slightly different shade to the body. This thing stood out like the proverbial DB's!

Hydraulics and air bags were everywhere.

Another nice Chevy custom. Lots of great colours.

Oops! not it's not. I thought it was a pretty radical custom. Here's the actual facts...

Just a note, the purple car (you called it a Chevy)in the Back to the Beach set is a '53 Olds built and owned by Bill McGarity of Rio Linda, Ca.

Thanks Butch.

I loved this Cad, fadeaway paint and flames were real cool.

Another awesome custom Cad. This was a very nice car with a modern leather interior.

More Flames! this time on a nice '55 Nomad.

This '42 Ford had a big block Chev in it! Neat car and another great set of flames.

I love '55 Chevs and this one was nice and simple. Great Tuck & Roll interior too.

Now for something completely different! There's a Studie pickup running around Perth somewhere and it sure doesn't look like this! Love the bed cover, don't think he carts much in it though.

Another car I really liked because it was something different. Flames and Metalflake were everywhere and this car had it's fair share of both. Apart from the paint it was pretty much stock.