Back to the Beach

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Talking about metalflake! This Crown Victoria had buckets of it. A few spaces down, there was a bog stock Vicky, I know which I'd prefer!

Probably one of the most customised Merc's there, a little overdone for my tastes but very,very nice nonetheless.

Can't really go wrong with a '39 Coupe. Great colour and nicely customised with a great air bag modified to the original was a condom set into the horn button!

A way channelled A roadster that was nicely done. Just love the backdrop. HB is a great spot for a Show & Shine.

Line up of some of the Auto Butcher's and Deacons cars. I thought the Cabana in the background was a nice contrast to the Rat Rods.

Probably the "rattiest" of the Rat Rods was this roadster, made up of various parts of different cars and roadside debris it was....interesting.

Love that firewall, not too sure about the fresh air floor though!

This shoebox Ford was pretty wild. Chopped, suicide doors and airbrushed details in the flames were pretty cool. Merc headlights are interesting as well.

Of course there had to be a model competition. These two great kits wre built my Miguel Figueroa. I had my Ardun powered '32 roadster on the table, but when these two kits showed up I thought, well there goes my trophy!

These kits were great. I need to build a chopped '40 just like it.

This '59 Impala had so much metal flake on the roof it looked like it had been put on with a knife!

Once again, super low, great paint...all you need.

Another great Chev. This was also a Sultans car. They sure build 'em nice in Long Beach.

Of course, if you bring a woody, you get in free. I had a woody all day and I still had to pay.

Being a bit of a surfer myself, I thought this was a pretty cool collection. Looks like it doesn't see much sun though!

For those of you that have seen "Endless Summer" this pic needs no explanation. For those of you that haven't...go and rent it out!!! What are you kidding!

While we were in Hawaii we went Waimea Bay and heard this very phrase, just with a Bra' on the end.

Here's me and Gene Winfield. Nice guy, still does an awesome fade away paint job too.