All American Car Day 2003 - Page 4


Here's a couple of the repribates I cruised up with. That's Dave leaning on Darren's Chev and Peter leaning on Matt's Vicky. Behind them is the Cusso that also cruised up with us.

Here's the "Helter Skelter Swelter Shelter" again.

This was once a '52 Chevy 4 door sedan.

...just like this one. Hmmm... I know which one I like better. :)
Did someone say fins? No one did it better than Plymouth with their Fury. Crazy man... crazy!

After we'd had enough of standing around in the sun, we headed back to Peter's place to watch old Hot Rod videos. Here's Matt's car parked in the shade.

...and the Chevy again. Darren did a pretty good job on that roof chop, especially considering he's a signwriter!
Tucked away back in the shed awaiting the next outing.

Fancy a roll of the dice anyone?

Darren's custom air cleaner on his fairly warm 427.