All American Car Day 2003 - Page 3


Here's FUN-032 again. This guy seems to go everywhere, and wherever he is, I take a photo of his car.
I'm not really much of a fan of this model of Corvette, but this one looked nice with the polished Americans and metallic blue paint.
Now this must be a rare beast. From memory it's a '39 Cadillac La Salle, which is rare enough, but when you check out the custom body work to make it a hearse... unbelievable. I still couldn't drive one though. Creepy...
I really liked this '51 F-truck, Great stance and I love the wheel/tyre combination. Another vehicle I'll have to own one day.
Beautiful Cadillac convertible. All style and class. You just don't need to touch these cars... well maybe some scallops or something. :)
Nice '57 Tudor. Excuse the billet.
Look! Another Rambler. This one is a Rebel.
...but wait! There's more. Here's a really nice Javelin. Green... green is nice.