Travel's with Geoff "Whodaky" Rea
This is my mate Geoff's Deuce Coupe. Geoff lives in Moe, Victoria about 2 hours out of Melbourne. Whenever I was in Melbourne for work he'd go out of his way to show me around and take me to meet all sorts of interesting people (provided they had a cool car or two!).

Thanks Geoff.
This is Geoff's Shed. It's a little bit smaller than the "other" Geoff's Shed in Melbourne, but not by much. This one's got heaps more neat stuff in it.

Geoff is also a founding member of the DLRA (Dry Lakes Racers of Australia) and on the left you can see the Rea-Mumford-Weir (hope I got the order right) Lakester that has run around 140mph with a flathead.

He has also recently hammered out a track nose for the car and boy does it look good.
Here's another shot of the Lakester and Geoff's collection of spare tyres!

Are you sure you've got enough there mate?
This is me squeezed into a dragster that a mate of Geoff's built. Fortunately for Geoff, that killer flatmotor is now in his Lakester.

They fired this thing up in that little tin shed, Oh Yeah!