Fuel & Gas Finals

Here's the very first Hot Rodder I met in Vegas. I walked up to a group of blokes standing around BS'ing and asked if any of them knew Carl Brunson, this old bloke goes "You must be Brootal!"

I said "Yep" and he introduces himself as Don Palfreyman aka Old Farts and Old Fords on the RRT.

I'm not sure how he figured it out??? Maybe it was my accent, I dunno.

That's his coupe, blown small block makes sure it doesn't get in the way of anyone.
Before the races on Saturday we all met at Carl's shop and decided to head to a diner. This is Sumner Patterson and 1FATGMC towing his teardrop. He's a bit of a clever bastard Sumner, that's not your average teardrop, he's sectioned it and can make it go a couple of feet taller...now who would have thought!
This is Don Dillard aka DRD57 on his way to the diner.

Can't really go past a hammered A coupe with steelies and whitewalls.
Comin' at Ya!

Probably the best looking dragster ever, the Greer-Black-Prudhomme Top Fueler. Unfortunately it didn't run, but man what a beautiful machine.
Here's another pic, ain't she SWEEEEET!

Sex on a diff casing!
This is the Western Mfg. Special. It's just been fully restored and is still owned by the guy that originally built it and raced it. That's him polishing the diff housing.

Just gotta love metal flake.
Here's Don Dillard's aka DRD57 A Coupe parked next to Tex Smith's "Junkyard Dawg". Apparently it only owed him a buck a pound...well at least until before Carl painted it!
I loved this Big Ol' Galaxie. Kind of reminded me of my car...only a lot nicer and way quicker I'm sure. It looked great later that night when we got to go around the banked oval. Oh Yeah!
This was just a really neat Deuce roadster with a seriously chopped screen. Don't know who owns it or what's in it.
I just love '55 Chevs. Now I know it's a little high tech and doesn't have whitewalls, but man it's smooth.
Like I said...I LOVE '55 Chevs. I heard this one coming a long time before I saw it. More contemporary stuff, but it's hard to build a '55 that looks bad...well it seemed that way in Vegas anyway!
Now that's more like it. Traditional enough? Like I said, you just can't build a bad '55 Chev.

I'll take all 3 thanks.
This is John Moore's Deuce roadster with Don Palfreyman's poking out the back. Super nice flame job too.

Click on the pic to see what Don and John had to drive through to get home!
Here's just some of the 110 cars that lined up to do a few laps, or as we say in Australia "Chuck a few laps" around the Las Vegas banked oval. Earlier in the day we could hear the Indy cars buzzing around. We all knew what we'd rather listen to.

Just love the backdrop, I thought Vegas was in the desert! Over here there ain't any lumps in the desert like that!
Here's the 'Dawg again. You might be able to make out the autographs on the primered hood that Carl just couldn't bring himself to paint over.

Looks like you need some Armor-All on that tyre Tex;)
Here's me and Carl Brunson in the roadster before we got kitted up for our flight. You'll see what I mean in the next photo.

I'm trying not to smile too hard.
See what I mean, gotta keep those ear warm!

I'm not sure why Carl looks so concerned, maybe he thought we were being timed.
Here's Don going past us at 145 mph...actually, there was some idiot in a Corvette with flashing lights all over it slowing everyone down.

We did manage to hit around 85 mph though. I was assured that the 'Dawg could definitely "run".
And here it is. RRT Uncovered.

Front Row (L-R):Don Palfreyman aka Old Farts & Old Fords, Jim Rivers aka river1
Back Row (L-R):Carl Brunson aka kroozn1, Boris Viskovic aka Me aka Brootal, Don Dillard aka DRD57.