Tug in the Park 2005 - Page 3


I'm guessing it's a 409 and you've just got to love that tri-power set up.

Yep, four-speed!

I wrote a feature story on this car and it turns out it's owned by a girl, well a woman actually, and a Muslim. I remember her telling me she got a few weird looks when she was driving the car, mainly people mistaking her for a nun because she was wearing a veil!

Yep, that's a 440 sic pack alright!

There's a reason they call this a Tall T.

Matt Bell's Model A Tudor is a great home built hot rod. He drives the wheels off it and it still ended up on the cover of the 2007 Street Machine Hot Rod Annual. An occasion that literally brought a tear to Matt's eye.

The Tug is hosted by Bay Area Hot Rodders, and their president is Chris Jenkins. He's had his '40 coupe for years and recently put a big-block Chev in it. It turns out that the motor came out of a Corvette that I recently wrote a feature on for Street Machine that appeared in the Nov '07 issue.

Soemthing yo udont' see too often, a Mopar-powered hot rod.

Complete with two-tone Mopar steering wheel. Love this car!

Dave Hart's newest creation at the time featured some of his very clever airbrushing and a full length flame job.