Tug in the Park 2005 - Page 2


Sparkly! Well it was in real life, anyway.

More sparkles.

I've got to admit, the fins are probably not my favourite part of the car, but Mario wanted to do something a little bit crazy. He sure as hell succeeded!

One of the best flame jobs I've ever seen on a hot rod. You can't really tell in the photo, but the colours are all pearl and it looks amazing in the sun.

Bill Jansen's Willys pick-up in the foreground and Troy Fewings' FX in the background. Both top blokes that I got to know during my time in Sydney.

I first spotted Troy's car at the Rat Rod Day and loved the twin sidedraft Webers and slot mags. He updated the car with the polished Torq Thrusts, and as much as I loved the slot mags, these wheels really make the car stand out.

And here's those sidedrafts. Did I mention the small-block Chevy?

Awesome '67 Fairlane coupe. Pretty sure it's a big-block with a four-speed. Oh Yeah!

I always loved this car. Don't know why, because I would never think to paint a hot rod grey. Going off my rusty memory, pretty sure this was owned by Dave Duncan at the time.

'59 Impala convertible. Very nice...