Tug in the Park 2005

One of my favourite events on the east coast was Tug in the Park. One of the best locations for a cruise-in anywhere in Australia, and possibly the world. Right on the beach with a national park for a backdrop, it really is a great place to spend the day. The fact that there are hundreds of cool cars on display just makes it all the more fun. As with all good events, the popularity and increase in numbers started to cause a bit of grief. Pretty sure it's all sorted now, but if you're thinking of going, make sure you get down there early!

There aren't many drag cars that look this cool, and there probably isn't a hot rod that looks this tough. OK, the wing is overkill, but probably necessary at the top end of the track. Prick of a thing when you're trying to get into an underground parking lot though!

Just a little engine with a BIG blower.

Great flames and a nice job with the zoomies. I've never seen this car run, but it would be pretty cool to see it at night with flames coming out of the pipes!

Yeah, I'm pretty sure this one is a bit more of a race car than street rod.

Here's a couple more rather serious '34s, although these are mild by comparison! I've seen the one with the whitewalls pull up a few times at rod runs and it sounds pretty full on, that's for sure!

I'm pretty sure this car used to have whitewalls on the rear, but they didn't seem to last too long. Not sure why...

Another pic of one of my all time favourite hot rods, Mario Colalillo's '40 pick-up. That P-plate on the window is because Mario's son, Andy, was driving.

Andy had to drive the pick-up because Dad came down in the Cadillac!

Excuse the shitters in the background, but the public have to park somewhere. Aptly named 'King Cad', the metalflake has to be seen in real life to really be appreciated. I tried to capture it with the camera, but it's pretty tough.

You can kind of see it in this pic. If you can't, just check out the chrome work instead!