Tug in the Park 2002

One of the best runs I've been to in a long time. Don't know why I enjoyed it so much. Maybe it was because I had to leave early, so I really made the most out of it. The weather was crap, but the cars and the location were absolutely stunning. Once again, I ran out of film!

How about a flat black '28 Tudor to start things off. Kind of suits the mood of the weather today.

This is from the Collalillo stable. It's other partner's are a '62 Pontiac, a '40 Pickup and a '34 Coupe. Funnily enough, they've all got flames too.

I believe this is Mario's wifes car, probably just the grocery getter!
Now I know it's got billet wheels, BUT... check out that screen. It's kind of an unsplit Duvall.

Great lines and cool stance.
Once again, I'm no expert, but I think this is a '34 Chev.. but then it could be a '35 Ford! If I'm wrong, let me know.

I've seen this cool pickup a bunch of times, but never been able to get a good pic of it.

Sometimes simple is best.
This clean and cool '40 coupe belongs to Chris Jenkins of the organising club "Bay Area Rodder's". I tried to track him down to have a chat, but I think he was having a Tug...

Apparently this is the second time he's built this car. The first time he did it he didn't like how it turned out, so he put it in the garage and forgot about it.

I think he nailed it the second time.

...and yes that is The Rumbler poking out the back there. See... I was really there!
Once again... I know it's got billet wheels, BUT CHECK IT OUT!

This car was recently featured in Australian Street Rodding Magazine, but it's MUCH better in the metal.

Not much done to it, tube grille, air bag suspension and deep, deep paint... Oh.. and those BIG ASS wheels! 18's on the front and 20's on the back!

I thought it was a '60, but on looking at the article in ASR, it's actually a '59 Le Sabre.
Distant cousin to the Buick, there's not much in common between these two cars, even though they were built the same year.

Hardtop "Verandah roofs" (as we call them here) are pretty thin on the ground.

This one was VERY nice and had original trim. Those wheels give the game away a little though!
This was probably my favourite car at the run. Built by Al Winter, it stood out mainly because of the Mopar 318 in between the rails. Something you don't see too often around these parts.

Inside it had a '60 Chrysler New Yorker steering wheel. Al said the car was going to be a different colour, but the wheel he had was green, so the car is painted a dark suede green. Makes perfect sense to me.

It's also still got wood inside. Great car, he even let me sit in it :)
There were a bunch of REALLY nice 34's down there. I'm REALLY starting to like them now that people are doing these kinds of things to them.

I better be careful, I might change my mind on that A on Deuce rails I'm dreaming about!

The trick on this roadster is the chop in the screen and the fact that it's black. It makes it look mean, even though it's really quite stock.
Another great '34 (although the plate says '33, Hmmmm... looks like a '34 grille to me), this time an Aussie bodied coupe.

Like I said, I'm REALLY starting to like these things!
This was probably my favourite '34. Don't ask me why, but to me it looks like it just came back from the drag strip... in 1962!

Unpolished E/T's on the front, steelies on the back and that red lead paint... Too COOL!

Check out that rain forest in the background!
...actually, maybe this was my favourite! I don't know. There were so many nice cars there, I was in a spin!

Who'd have thought a grey car would look so nice? Obviously this bloke did. Nailed it I reckon.
Now this is what us Aussie's call an FB Ute, although, none ever came from the factory looking like this.

For some reason the factory figured that ute buyers didn't want all that fancy chrome and stuff on their cars. Well obviously this guy thought that was a load, so he fitted the sedan trim to his Yoot. Nice job.

There was some cool signwriting on the back too. Maybe I should have taken a pic of it from the back so the guy got a free plug.
This is a pretty serious looking roadster. Don't know what's in that tank or where it came from, but it sure looks the business!

Is this what Kookie would have done if he'd found a '32? Chev roadster?

I think it's a Y-block Ford in there. Obviously all the Chev motors have been put in the Ford Hot Rods!
Maybe this was my favourite car... I really don't know now. This was a really nice nostalgia styled rod. Complete with two tone metal flake vinyl in grey and silver.

Another really nicely built Hot Rod.
Another A coupe I REALLY liked. Great stance and a cool set of scallops.

So many cool cars, so little money!!!
These guys obviously didn't want to pay the $5 to get in, so they parked up on the hill. Lucky I spotted them before they got away.

Now these aren't traditional, they're original. The Vicky had a stock wheel and the roadster had most of the original interior too.
This '59 Chev Bel Air pulled in just as I was about to leave.

Love the colours, love those fins.