Sydney Hot Rod Show 2002

After a minor disaster where my camera batteries went flat after the first photo, a mad rush to Parramatta to find a new pair of batteries and one $200 speeding fine (tax), I proudly present to you the photos from the 2002 Sydney Custom Auto Expo (I like Hot Rod Show better).

I'm fairly sure there will be something for everyone here, there's even some billet, but it's VERY nice billet. Hope you like the pics, I went through a lot of stress to get them!

Here's something you don't see every day. A 1936 Ford Ute. Us Aussies sure love our utes and this one is a RIPPER!

Now for something COMPLETELY different. How about a Tall T Coupe with a dual blown BOSS 429 engine?

Of course, who else but Rod Hadfield would build something like this!

Here's a close up of that amazing engine. Originally the car was setup for a Hemi, but then Rod came across this engine. Obviously he had a couple of spare blowers lying around too, so they had to go on.

The intake is custom made and as you can tell by the "blueing" on the headers, this Hot Rod RUNS!

Something else you don't see to often either, but that's probably because only 13 or so were made.

No it's not some kind of "phantom" body style, it's a factory original Ford Australia 1937 Roadster Ute!

Now it's not often that I have pictures of the same car on two different pages in my web site. I'm not being snobby, I'm just cheap when it comes to buying film!

But for this fine piece of work, I'll make an exception. In case you're wondering, there's another pic on the Bobbin Head 2002 page.

I'm pretty sure this one's got airbags... or he lives in a neighbourhood without any speed bumps!

This car is cool from any angle. Best thing is, it's not far off stock. These babies were customised right there in the factory. Love them Buicks.

OK, I lied. I'm pretty sure I've already got a pic of Mario's Coupe on here somewhere. But once again, with a Hot Rod as cool as this, I'll make an exception... just this once.

The motor is a tri-carbed small block Chev with all of the nice dress up gear.

Another one of Mario's "gang". This great little Hemi powered A is a real nice piece of work.

The little Hemi has a hand made triple carb intake.

Yet another Hemi powered roadster, only this one had a liiiiiiittle bit more money thrown at it.

It was actually built by the brother (or maybe cousin) of the preceding roadster's owner.

There was also a smattering of custom Harleys. Most went for the big ass rear wheel billet look. Very nicely put together machines.

I liked this one because of the springer front end, in my opinion the nicest looking front end for a Highly Dangerouson.

This unbelievably detailed '33 roadster was built by Southern Rod & Custom and is as good as anything I have seen in the American magazines.

High tech in it's build quality, but traditional in it's styling.

Of course, why go to all that trouble and put some ordinary motor in it. Might as well stuff in a blown Hemi while we're at it and the cheque book's out!

This is another Southern Rod & Custom built car. It is an AMAZING piece of work.

It's called the V-400 as it is a Vicky that has been turned into a B-400 style sedan convertible.

Another car as good as any in the world.

Southern Rod & Custom also have a pretty nice web site. CHECK IT OUT

Don't let the primer fool you. This ain't no "Rat Rod". It's got a very nicely trimmed out interior and will be very trick when it's completed.

Just another shot to show the almost cartoony proportions of this pickup.

I like it. I wonder what colour it's going to be?

OK, you got me again. This car is already on the web site, but it was at an outdoor car show held at a car park where all the cars were parked as if the owners had gone shopping.

I couldn't get a shot of the back of the car to show the HUGE wheels. I'm not sure if it needs all that rubber. It's only running a fuel injected late model Mopar small block. (Hope the owner doesn't read this!)

Here's a bit of a modern take on an Aussie classic.

An XW GT Falcon, large diameter Simmons wheels and thin line whitewalls.

I'm pretty sure the white stripes and scoop weren't factory either!

Jump back 35 years or so and this is what Ford Australia was doing. Once again, most likely as rare as the proverbial rocking horse poop, in fact, this thing is probably rarer.

Maybe they should change the saying...

"As rare as a '36 roadster Ute!"... "mate!"

We also had boats. Not just any boats, but vintage racing Hydroplanes!

Too cool. These things are Hot Rods on water

Here's the view the driver gets. Well, sorta. Maybe if he was falling out, but you get the picture. Cool dashboard, big block Chev with zoomie headers.

The sun, the sand, the methanol fumes... un-f...king-believable!

Here's another super cool boat. You've just gotta love a boat with the engine in front. And not just any motor...

That there ladies and gentlemen, is a Hilborn injected 250cid Ford engine. Most commonly seen in rusted out Taxis and family shitboxes.

For those of you with keen eyes, you may notice the welds near the intake ports. That's because Ford in all their wisdom figured that NO ONE would EVER want to change the asthmatic stock intake. I mean who would go RACING with one of those engines??? Well obviously a few did as the Hilborn injection was cast to meet up with the intake ports. Pretty neat stuff.

One last hydro for good measure. This one is powered by a Rolls Royce V-12 engine. I'm amazed the bloody thing even floats!

I'll have to find out where/if these guys actually race and go and check them out in action one day.