Sydney Hot Rod Show 2002

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Don't worry, I haven't gone completely mad. In fact, I've always like Beetles. Especially when they're stripped out and have a full roll cage.

This one is a '56 Oval Window. I'm not sure, but it may be turbocharged.


I'll let the owner explain this one.

Legendary car. Legendary driver.

This is probably my favourite model of Valiant. The 1967 VC.

This one is very nicely presented and also has a nice surprise under the bonnet...

Yep, it's the old "Slut 6" but with a little bit more horsepressure added.

It's not only turbo charged, but fuel injected. Check out that wild intake. It's like an exhaust header, but in reverse. Very clever.

Some would say it was...




Another custom Harley. This one is DEFINITELY going for the "big ass rear tyre" look.

"Green... green is nice."

There wasn't only American two wheel iron either. This is a very nicely put together Honda.

Love the scallops... and the clever name. Four-In Beauty, get it Four-In... Foreign... never mind.

This crazy Hemi powered A Coupe belongs to the guy that runs Diablo Motors. They've always got a great assortment of multi-carb intakes that I drool over.
This car was built by Ben Gatt for his wife Christine who sadly passed away before the car was finished. It turned out real nice, she'd be proud.

This is Ben Gatt's own Merc.

Another nice custom, although you've got to do something about those billet wheels Benny.

I can't even remember what type of bike this is. I'm pretty sure it's OLD and it's British.

I think at the end of the day he just pours the oil out of the drip tray and back into the oil tank.

Most Hot Rodders were drooling over this car, me included.

The comforting this is the owner is a Hot Rodder also and used to race a flathead powered rail back in the 60s.

I usually go up to him and have a bit of a chat. He's a very nice bloke... now if I could only remember his name!

For some reason, someone is building a 1/4 scale Model A COMPLETELY out of wood!

The details is amazing. The complete engine, the tyres and wheels, all out of wood.

Obviously this guy want to slip quietly into a cruise night!

Not often you see an FC Holden with so much customising done to it. I think it's quite an old car, maybe even an original 60s custom.

I think you would class this as a fairly SERIOUS Hot Rod. He's obviously not trying to hide the roll cage either.
Here's a fairly quintessential 60s style Aussie Hot Rod. Only, instead of a Y-block...
He's got the killer 400 Poncho with a cross ram. GREAT looking motor.

Just a neat little Model A panel (sedan delivery if you must).

Sure would make a cool surf wagon... I wonder if Sue would let me....

Another very nicely detailed roadster.

There sure are some very nice cars being built at the moment.

Of course there were quite a few Street Machines there also. Here's one of the top ones in the country at the moment.

It's an amazingly detailed car, but you see that thin black line running down the door. That's the door seal. I wonder how effective it would be???