Hawkesbury Swap Meet 2002

After having a few friends over for a Dinner Party then only getting 5 hours of sleep or so, I've decided that trudging around an oval with a thumping headache which got increasingly worse as the temperature rose is NOT a great idea. Here's what I saw through my hazy eyes…


Now I KNOW it doesn't have whitewalls and steel wheels, but I still really like the look of this Tudor. The wheels are Boyd Coddington's and they're obviously reminiscent of American Racing Torq Thrusts. Just goes to show, classic design never goes out of style.

Now this is more like it I hear you say. Nice and clean and simple. Black Tuck & Roll interior and some steelies and you're right in the 50's… bro.

Although, I suspect that with the 4-bars and the moulded in side marker light that this MAY have been a Street Rod at some point… Not that there's anything wrong with that!

…and 24 years later this is what a Ford looks like. Nice old Cusso this one. I just couldn't resist the photo opportunity.

This cool Aussie Cruiser was for sale. I think it was around $5,000 (Aussie, so about $5 US!). It was pretty much stock and may have even been in the original paint still as it was pretty thin in spots.

Unfortunately the plates weren't for sale HIP-60S.

It sure as hell doesn't take much to make a car look cool, lower it a bit, set of whitewalls and Moon disks.. Hang On! HE COPIED ME!

Now THIS is a YOOT! It must have 4 inches taken out of it. The rest of the body is flawless too. I saw the owner, but I wasn't in any state to introduce myself, so I figured I'd leave it for another day.

I'd love to find out more about the car though, it is VERY nice.

After struggling my way around the swap for about 3 hours I'd had enough. Surprisingly, there wasn't much Rambler stuff there. Why am I surprised???

So it was off to the Revolution Rodders Observation Run which was being held just down the road. Due to the lack of any navigator and the fact that I felt like I was going to throw up, I decided to skip the Observation Run and just have a bit of a lie down… for about 5 hours!!!

After my little nap and a couple of close calls with being reunited with my breakfast I managed to stagger around enough to take a few more pics.

This T roadster was for sale at the Swap Meet. It had a $38,000 price tag on it. It was sold by mid morning.

I sure hope the guy is going to finish it off for the new owner.

I don't think I've ever seen a '36 Panel before, ever, not even in a magazine, so I imagine they're pretty rare in Australia.

What I great looking automobile. I didn't check whether it had… "If the van is a rockin' Don't bother knockin' " on the back or not.

I even like the slot mags on it.

This great roadster is John Beer's. Complete '39 Mercury running gear. I want it!

Now I had to look twice, but this is/was a VW. It's now got V8 (possibly 351) in the front. There's some fairly major fabrication inside the car to fit it in, as you can imagine.

Great caravan too!