Super Model Car Sunday 2008 - Page 3


Glenn Retallack got a special award from event organiser Alan Barton for the stunning paint job on one of his models. This one's pretty nice, but it's not the one that won the prize.

This '40 coupe is pretty nice too, but still not as nice as the one that won. You'll have to keep looking to see which model of Glenn's got the prize.

Reuben Cool built this blown Ardun '32 coupe, but it looks like Geoff 'Whodaky' Rea got to it before he could finish the paint job!

The Tony Somers Gasser collection. Tony's not really into historical accuracy, so I imagine most of these are from his twisted mind.

Roy Evans brought this along last year and I thought it was great. It was just as great this year and he has an excellent eye for colour choice.

Some more of Tony's stuff, this time it's customs.

And some more Gassers. I told you the guy was prolific!

Last year Alan Barton gave everyone a Walker Racing Chevy Suburban to do with as they pleased. Mine ended up in my son's Hot Wheels collection (sorry AB), while other people got organised and did something with theirs.