Rust In Peace

This '47 Coupe is in a yard just out of the city. The guy wants $10,000 for it. Seems like a pretty good buy to me.

I don't know if it's still there, these pics were taken late '98.
Where do old Rambler Americans go when they die?

They become race cars of course! Believe it or not, this American was a very winning car running the the Rambler 6, imagine if it had the mighty 290 in it!
Although this looks like a '35-'36 Ford, it's actually a Ford Prefect. As you can probably's stuffed! If you look carefully you can see the flathead lying in the dirt on the bottom right hand side of the picture.

This car is up at the Quairading Speedway, I'm sure you could get it for a song! Maybe salvage a seat spring...
Whaddaya reckon? Can we save it or what?
This car was built by a friend of mine quite a few years ago. It's '64 Classic Coupe with a 360, TorqueFlite and air bags in the rear. I remember him telling me once that the motor made so much power that the chassis just about couldn't handle it.

Since then it has been through a few hands and as you can see they have not been kind to this once very nice car. I hate that!
As you can see, the guy is "gunna" fix it...some time. Yeah Right!
Here's a couple of shots of what the car looked like in its heyday. Powered by a 360 AMC motor, Torqueflite and an AMC20 diff, it was a pretty hard running car, and gave the owner (a long time Chevy guy) a new found respect for AMC stuff.
I'm both sad and glad that the car has now gone to a good home. Sad that I didn't get it, but glad that it's gone to a very good home. I was quite surprised at how well the car had held up after all those years out in the weather. It was a real testament to how well the car had been built in the first place.
Following are a bunch of shots I snapped at a yard somewhere between Port Augusta in South Australia and Balranald, Victoria. Don't bother asking me where it was, I can't remember.